Issue 46, SMC eUpdate8 March 2011

Annual General Meeting
Please read

Dear Member,


Formal Notice of The Sussex Magic Circle Annual General Meeting, 24th March 2011, 8.00pm at the Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks



I hereby give notice of the Sussex Magic Circle A.G.M. as detailed above which will be followed by an informal Club night, time permitting.


For your information I have received the following;


Election of President and Members of the Council


The following will be standing down at the A.G.M.


                        Chairman      Stuart Harley

                        Secretary      Gordon Burtenshaw


The following members have agreed to stand for election or re-election and all have been duly proposed and seconded. 


                        President        Paul Gordon

                        Chairman        Andrew Chase

                        Secretary        Stuart Harley      

                        Treasurer       Andy Hart

                        Council           Gordon Burtenshaw                        Max Curd

                                                  Alan McDougall                               Chris Copper

                                                  Matt Parr                                            Simon Tresadern

                                                  Giles Cartwright 


         Independent Examiner          Alison Gilbert


Further nominations, proposed and seconded, are welcomed for any of the above posts, together with any items members wish to appear on the agenda. These must be put in writing and received by me 7 days prior to the meeting.


Yours sincerely,



Gordon Burtenshaw

Hon. Secretary

  Email tracked and counted.