Issue 3, SMC eUpdate24 March 2009

Annual dinner
Great evening
A message from your President
To those who didn't attend the Annual Dinner, held at our new venue - The Hassocks Hotel,  they missed an excellent evening. The food was served quickly, was piping hot and was of excellent quality. I know praise is given every year but I was extremely impressed by the service and I think we have made a wise choice in our decision to move there.


A very big thank you must go to our Club Chairman Stuart & his partner Alison and our club Secretary Gordon and his wife Gill. Without them this event would have not taken place and I was very impressed by the Raffle prizes (especially as my wife Yvette won an excellent prize!) Also the dinner was so well attended, the funds were able to provide two bottles of wine per table!


Thanks must go to all our Magicians in the club who performed close up and I heard lots of rounds of applause as they did their bit. The Cabaret was also excellent.

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