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For the UK magic scene, the best resource is
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The Royal Road to card magic

Mark Wilsonís Complete Course



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The Magic Circle
IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians)



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February each year is the Blackpool convention which attracts around 3500 magicians each year.
The IBM convention is held is year is September, it alternates venues one year in Eastbourne, the next in Southport.




If you are (or want to be) a Childrenís entertainer, you may be asked if you are CRB checked. This means have you been checked and approved by the Criminal Records Bureau, in essence youíre someone who can be trusted with kids. More info can be found here:




If you are performing at professional gigs you may want to consider getting some public liability insurance. For example some council run places may insist on you being insured for a least £10million. A great way to get insured is to join the performers union Equity, not only will you be insured for the full £10million but if you ever need legal advice should someone not pay you or you burn a hole in the brides dress with your flash paper, then they will provide it free of charge. More info can be found here:

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