President: Stuart Harley   Chairman: Matt Parro
Secretary: Justin Price   Treasurer: Kevin Peel
Newsletter: 1February 2004

New Year Starts With a Bang

Hosted and produced by Stuart Harley, The Sussex Magic Circle presented an evening of magic on Thursday 22nd January 2004. It was an evening of good magic and good entertainment.
Stuart Harley’s handling and routine for the Phil Deck was unusual and good. Regular members Jonathan Cann and Andrew Jeffery performed their regular acts; which always are full of good magic and good entertainment.
On the bill were two performers from the Southdown Magicians Club; namely Alan Hatcher and Vince Blake. Both performers worked very hard in front of a bunch of magicians they have probably never met before. Some of the routines were unknown to me, so therefore I am unable to tell you what they were called; suffice to say they were all entertaining.
Gordon Burtenshaw has been a member for a couple of years now. His performance was very confident for someone who had never performed in public before. He admits himself that performing is not his forte; but you would never have thought it on the 22nd January 2004. In the days of variety, his act would have been called Sussex’s Richest Magician! Why? Well, his act comprised of props - including a hand made (by the late Frank Preston, I suspect) Zig Zag. An exploding ‘box’ sent me two feet off my chair! All in all a good time was had by all.
Paul Gordon

History of Magic - BBC Christmas 2004

Look out for Stuart’s Milk Can on BBC this Christmas.

A week or so ago my mobile rang and it was Pete McCahon on behalf of the BBC History of Magic show.
He mentioned that he had seen the review on Magic Week of the Olde Tyme Music Hall where I performed the Houdini Milk Can escape and wondered if they could borrow the can to film for the show.
At suppose if I can’t be on TV at least my milk can can.

The review written by Paul Leacy is still on Magic Week if you’re interested.
Stuart Harley


I have purchased a David Blaine e-book from Ebay with full distribution rights. If you would like a copy emailed to you FREE please send a message to me at with ‘ebook’ in the subject line.

A Message from your President

Greetings everyone.

At the recent meeting of the SMC, Stuart Harley organised an evening of entertainment with the help of other members, it was I understand, a very successful event. Very well done to all who took part. Regrettably both Sue and I could not be there as we were in Wiltshire.

I contacted Pat and am pleased to report that she is now out of hospital. Pat was having breathing difficulties but she is now on the mend. Bob similarly was unwell but hopefully we will be seeing them again soon. All our best wishes go to both of them. We should ensure that in the event of Pat and Bob being unable to come to meetings that there will be access to Tea and Coffee. I realise that this has been a problem of late. Big thank you to Chris Nicholls for providing an alternative at the last meeting.

From now on at all future meetings I shall make available forms for members to give us their up to date names, addresses, telephone numbers, email and web sites if they have one. The aim is to compile a current membership list so that communication amongst ourselves can be improved.

The SMC Dinner is on Saturday 13th March. Mark and Alison have been organising this and given their own heavy workload and recent house move we extend our thanks.
Paul Leacy - President Sussex Magic Circle

P.S. My first “proper lecture” takes place on Tuesday 17th February at The Associated Wizards of the South. Wish me luck!


5th February
Coffee and tea at the table
A chance to get around tables and talk, demonstrate and play with no pressure.

19th February
Presentation Counts
Bits of advice on handling, body language, voice and more from experienced members.

4th March
Magic Of The Mind Competition
It’s that time again, but you knew that anyway.

13th March
Annual Dinner

18th March

Compiled by: Gordon Burtenshaw