President: Stuart Harley   Chairman: Matt Parro
Secretary: Justin Price   Treasurer: Kevin Peel
Newsletter: 3April 2004

‘Magic of the Mind’ Competition Review

4 March 2004
Five brave souls with contrasting personalities, different styles of presentation and equally varied material are ready to perform ... Nerves are in the air ... A discerning and watchful audience of their peers are waiting ... We were treated to five wonderfully diverse and unique acts.
Andy Hart had the daunting task of warming up the crowd - which he did admirably - performing his brand of ’real-world’ modern mentalism. He demonstrated the difference between magic and mentalism by using his techniques as a ’psychological illusionist’ to divine a card. He then performed his remarkably clean version of ’Kurotsuke’ - surmising the location of a black ball held in a person’s hand. A professional and direct routine which built to a convincing and compelling conclusion.
Matthew Parr took to the stage with a musical introduction. He seemed natural, and his enthusiasm was palpably evident. He courageously ploughed through his understandable nerves, performing a card divination and some increasingly impossible card predictions. His use of music to create tension and suspense for his ’ESP Match’ finale was wonderfully refreshing and dramatically uplifting.
Paul Leacy was enjoyably laid back, and eminently watchable. His whole performance was relaxed, friendly and peppered with his easygoing humour. With an understated style, he performed straight forward effects; revealing a chosen number and a coincidental match with two sets of ESP cards. Most strikingly, he presented ’Koran’s Medallion’, showing us an old antique coin, and subsequently, a freely thought of number was seen to be inscribed on the coin.
Mike Pettit, with the assistance of Brenda, performed a classic two person telepathy act. Brenda, with back to the audience, first received an impression of a thought of car. After successfully divining the ’one envelope out of five’ which contained money, she correctly named the sequence of some randomly displayed ESP cards. Mike’s kind and charming approach gently guided us through this truly incredible display of telepathy.
Finally, Andrew Jeffrey uplifted us with his commanding presence, powerful presentation and engaging personality. He began with an upbeat ’Magic Square’, performed a direct and punchy book test and finished with a unique and beautifully crafted routine; We were invited to decide on the details for an imaginary holiday, only to find that the exact information had been predicted in a previously written letter. His entire act was skillfully crafted, and was both impactive and emotive.
We are all aware that there is no ’best’ when it comes to entertaining with magic ... However, the nature of the occasion dictates that marks are awarded for presentation, magical content and entertainment value. On this occasion the complimentary accolade of ’winner’ belonged to Andrew Jeffrey - who emerged victorious for a third successive year ...
The standard throughout was exceptionally high. Congratulations and my sincerest appreciation to each competitor for contributing to this thoroughly absorbing evening, and for sharing their interpretation of ... the ’Magic of the Mind’.

Annual General Meeting

18 March 2004
The AGM began with the presentation of official badges and rules books to the newest members, these members included: Gordon Burtenshaw, Brian Richardson, Mathew Parr and Simon Roberts.
We continued by following the agenda, full details will be found in the minutes. But in essence the board was appointed as follows:
President – Andrew Jefferey
Chairman – Mark Worgan
Secretary – Gordon Burtenshaw
Treasurer – Chris Nichols
Press Officer – Stuart Harley (also Council Member)
Welfare Officer – Debbie Maslen
Associate Council Member – Dela Roberts
Auditor – John Schofield

The next annual dinner date was set as 12th March 2005, put it in your diary now so there’s no excuse for you not coming along and enjoying yourself.
During the AOB section, Andy Hart raised the issue of the format of the close-up competition not suiting the style of magic. Therefore the close-up on April 22nd will adopt a new style. Make sure you’re there so you can vote and offer your views and maybe even take part, go on you know you want to!

As the AGM came to a close Mark told us all about Tommy Thompson who unfortunately died recently. Tommy’s relatives had contacted Mark and told him that it was Tommy’s wish for his Magic collection to go to local magic clubs. Therefore Mark closed the evening with the first of a couple of auctions. From the 20 items offered £78.50 was raised. The money from Tommy’s collection will go toward the restoration of some of the clubs trophies and possibly a new trophy in his name.

Another Success at the Dinner Dance

13 March 2004
On Saturday, 13th March 2004, the Sussex Magic Circle held its annual Dinner dance at The White Hart Hotel, Lewes. The evening was attended by members and their guests exceeding 70 in number, who enjoyed a 5 course dinner of deep fried camembert, poached salmon, roast lamb and apple pie which was followed by a platter of cheese and biscuits and coffee and mints. Many thanks were given to Dave and Sandy Gingell who had made a wonderful job of decorating the room and tables with their fantastic balloon decorations.
We were delightfully entertained by the cabaret, which was a fine performance by Richard McDougall who did his children’s party routine, the cigarette/lighter piece and he also brought along his bird for the evening!
The annual awards were presented by Mark Worgan and they were as follows;
Children’s - Andy Hart
Mind Magic - Andrew Jeffrey
Close up - Paul Leacy
Card magic - Paul Leacy
Stage Magic - Andrew Jeffrey
After the raffle had been drawn, it was time for dancing, socialising and some close up magic,which made this an excellent evening in which everyone had a good time.
Special thanks have to go to Mark and Alison for organising one of the best value for money evenings that we go on each year.


It’s sometimes more interesting reading the ads in old magic magazines rather than the articles.
What could be ‘The Laugh Sensation of the Year’? What Year? Read on!
To quote: ‘It’s a riot of fun. It’s unbelievable.’
What could this be?
The ad continues: ‘In the lounge of a hotel, a group of us are sitting talking. Suddenly a telephone bell rings. My friend reaches under his coat and produces a telephone receiver. “Hullo. Hullo! Who is that? …etc People around are wondering what is going on as I pass the telephone receiver to my friend.
He then rings off and I discourse on the science of the new Radio Telephone”
Any performer can use it in his act. As a repeat gag it’s terrific. Ideal for comperes. A smash hit for ventriloquists. NOT RUBBER but a perfect imitation receiver.
PRICE: 25/- (£1.25 if you’ve been decimalised!)’

This was the ad in Abra for ELMER ECKAM’S “Radio-Phonie”.
The year? 1953!
Yes the ‘mobile phone’ was ‘The Laugh Sensation of the Year’ over fifty years ago.
How times change!
J Cann


1 April 2004
Show Time and Auction

22 April 2004
Close-up Competition
New format as discussed at the AGM.

13 May 2004
Martin Cox Lecture

27 May 2004
An evening with Bertie Pearce

Compiled by: Gordon Burtenshaw