President: Stuart Harley   Chairman: Matt Parro
Secretary: Justin Price   Treasurer: Kevin Peel
Newsletter: 5September 2004

A-Z of Magic - Thursday 26th August 2004

A truly wonderful evening of fun, laughter, banter and exceptional magical skills was the event of this special club meeting.
Having arrived for once on time, turning the corner into the car park, Matt and I were amazed at the number of members on the pavement enjoying, so we believed, a pre-club cigarette (there are only usually a few member smokers during the tea-break!) Parking the car and strolling over the road we were then made aware that the large social gathering was not due to the fact of excessive nicotine indulgence but by the fact that all the club members were in fact locked out of the hall! This provoked plenty of chat whilst various members went in search of the key holder. It seems the hall had been unlocked earlier but the door had inadvertently slammed shut. And then as if by ‘magic’ the young man responsible for unlocking the door cycled past and let all the club members and guests in, so much for my theory of a group of heavy smokers!

The evening planned was an alphabet event covering all areas of entertainment/magic ranging in order from the letter A through to Z; with of course a break for the much welcome cup of tea or coffee courtesy of Della.

Members had been asked in advance if they would be willing to participate and were then able to plan and prepare their act in advance with their chosen letter.

At least 10 members of the club worked with wonderful flare, enthusiasm and talent to entertain the audience with carefully thought out titles such as E for Extra Sensory Perception, F for the ‘F’antom needle and I for ‘I’ could have done with a better pen!
The range of expertise was as usual fascinating and fun, various acts included cards of all sizes, bottles, balls, ropes, linking rings, silk handkerchiefs, X- rays and much more. Paul Gordon rounded the event of with, what else but Z end.
Humour and audience participation helped the evening along with much success.
We hope to make all acts shown during the evening available to members soon.

At around 10.15 there was then just time for Guy aged 15 to perform a silk, ball and perspex box routine and Ross to show his skills with a pack of cards. Both young visitors to the club were given much praise for their great confidence shown by them.
Mark rounded off the evening by bringing light relief and great humour displaying his Zombie act with a large silver ball aided by Jonathon Cann, a Master Class for all, best not to mention the dents created in the said precious, vital piece of equipment.


Card Competition Review - 9/9/04

Not many members were present, but several guests and prospective members kept numbers up. Only two entrants turned up, so Paul Leacy gallantly stepped in to make up the requisite number for the competition.

Mike Pettit opened with an oil and water routine. He then performed an inexplicable routine with a ‘colour changing deck’ theme. A memorable and visually stunning illusion, which needs to be seen to be ‘disbelieved’. Mike suffered some misfortune with his final effect, but finished with grace and dignity.

Paul Leacy started with some comedy card locations. He then performed a ‘Cards Across’ routine, causing three cards to travel from one spectator to another. He finished by finding a signed card folded up in his shoe. Strong magic was enhanced by his natural, easygoing and humorous presentation.

Matthew Parr successfully divined a blackjack and poker hand before demonstrating his technical mastery of the pasteboards. He caused the four queens to disappear and then flip over in the pack. Then a signed card jumped from one packet to another and back again. He ended with a very clean and direct prediction. Powerful stuff!

With little preparation, Paul Leacy performed some excellent card magic and deservedly won the trophy… He also made the tea!


Forthcoming events

14th October
A member can volunteer to organise a show for the members. Everyone is welcome to have a go.

28th October*
Lecture Tony Griffith
A top professional. New bits and pieces of commercial magic plus a bonus extract from his Science lecture.

11th November
Close Up Drive
One Close Up Trick repeated several times at different tables. You should get it right at least once!!

25th November
Children’s Competition
Our annual competition.

25th November
Children In Need Show at Southover School
We visit a local school to help raise money

16th December (Provisional date)
Christmas Cheese and Wine Evening
More details later

Compiled by: Gordon Burtenshaw