President: Stuart Harley   Chairman: Matt Parro
Secretary: Justin Price   Treasurer: Kevin Peel
Newsletter: 8April 2005


Matthew Cammiss provided us with an alternative and varied show; with magic, comedy and the downright bizarre. He introduced us to his unique brand of humour, setting the tone by making a slice of pizza disappear. Matt kept the evening flowing with enthusiasm and charisma, and offered several comedy magic interludes.

First to the stage, Chris Nicholson, performing for the very first time. He appeared terrified, and with nervy awkwardness tried working through an unequal ropes routine, and failed.
Andy Hart demonstrated more of his mind control techniques, correctly predicting the card a spectator looked at. The twist being … all the cards were blank.
Matt had a volunteer think of a time of day, and another to randomly set the time on a watch. He then correctly divined the thought of time, and the watch had coincidentally been set to the same time. A wonderfully clinical routine, eliciting audible disbelief.
We were then introduced to Simon, an escapologist. He was wheeled on to stage, already restrained, wearing a ‘Hannibal Lector’ mask. And there he stood. And stood and stood and stood. After wheeling Simon to the corner of the stage, Matt attempted to break Houdini’s 70 year old record, escaping from chains in under 15 seconds. A highly energetic comedy routine which was hugely entertaining.
Felix talked about ghosts and locating a portal, and then pulled a rope through a spectators body.

While we enjoyed refreshments, kindly provided by Alison … Simon just stood!

Next up were Ronnie and Reg - the Lounge Singers - who stumbled through a song and dance routine. Then, a ‘Russian Roulette’ type routine, with a spike under one of four inverted polystyrene cups - somewhat of a ‘Hit and Miss’ affair. And finally, they performed a rendition of ‘My Way’.
John Southgate added a touch of class and sophistication to the proceedings, and opened with a beautiful silk effect. He suffered a touch of the ‘Chris Nicholson’s’ during his unequal ropes routine. He followed with an Irish 3 card trick ...with 4 cards, and finished with a classic colour changing silk routine.
Paul Leacy performed some Classics of magic. A card trick and some impressions before a Chinese Linking Rings routine. And a Cups and Balls routine which led into a juggling finale.
Next up was Andrew Jeffrey. After an imaginary game of Ten Pin Bowling he magically produced a bowling ball, and had successfully predicted the number of skittles knocked over. He performed an incredibly powerful ‘Card at any Number’, and then very purely divined the thoughts of an audience member.
Matt and Chris closed the show with a romantic spoof, miming to ‘Endless Love’. An entertaining act which ended with an infectious fit of the giggles.

Our thanks and congratulations to Matt for organising a refreshingly different, action packed evenings entertainment, with some youthful and novelty performances. And, of course, our very deepest and most sincere thanks to Simon … for standing!



Below are the highlights of the AGM, this is not a full account of the proceedings.

Firstly and most importantly, when we had the fire drill it was noticed that no-one could read the signatures in the signing in book, so from now on could we all print our name rather than sign.

We were all very pleased to hear that the annual dinner made a profit of £140, which, based on the quality of food and entertainment is remarkable.

It was noted that the welfare account was no longer viable and it was proposed that the account be closed and monies put into the club funds to ease accounting.

The treasurer paid thanks to John Schofield for his help during the past year. John stated that he would be willing to audit the accounts next year but gave advance warning that he would wish to stand down in March 2006

A vote of thanks to both the Chairman and Treasurer was proposed for all their hard work over the years.

Election: President - Andrew Jeffrey, Chairman - Stuart Harley, Treasurer - Paul Leacy, Secretary - Gordon Burtenshaw

Council Members: Mark Worgan, Andy Hart, Barry Martin, Chris Nicholls, Della Roberts (Associate Member)

Election of other officers: Welfare Officer - Della Roberts, Hon Auditor - John Schofield, Press Officer - Stuart Harley

It was mentioned that the rule and history booklet stocks were very low and a few rules needed updating. It was decided that the committee should draft the changes then they would be submitted to the members for approval.

Money was raised with the auction of Tommy Thompson’s magic props some time ago it was felt that this money could go to updating some of the competition trophies, including a new mentalism competition trophy dedicated to Tommy.

SMC logo goods e.g.:- tee-shirts, mugs etc are now available from

Forthcoming Events

5th May
No HQ – Curry night
Social gathering at a local restaurant. Have a meal, chat and relax with your partner. Bring your magic. Meet at the White Hart, Lewes at 7.30pm

6 May 2005
Burgess Hill
Several members will be performing magic at a local care home. If members would like to help, please contact John Southgate.

19th May*
Lecture by Ian Keable

Compiled by: Gordon Burtenshaw